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Calcium Based Toothpaste

The calcium based toothpaste offered by us is actually white toothpaste that is fluoridated or non-fluoridated, available in peppermint, spearmint and cinnamon flavors. These toothpastes are calcium based toothpastes to provide extra calcium to the teeth.

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Gel Based Toothpaste

Our gel toothpastes contain extra mouthwash for giving extra freshness along with pleasant smell to make the breathe fresher. Offered in fluoridated and non-fluoridated formulations, these gel toothpastes come in red, blue, green, lemon, yellow, and orange colors.

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Kid's Toothpaste

We have specially formulated gel toothpastes that are extremely safe for kids even when they swallow the paste. These toothpastes fight against germs and are available in bubblegum, strawberry, raspberry, banana, pineapple and orange flavors.

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